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Freestanding Wall
Small Wall

Chameleon - a freestanding 24' tall mobile rock climbing wall whose trailer goes away. Use this portable tower inside or out for the most appealing appearance available. Great for Trade Shows.

Use this "trade show" climbing wall for space-constrained setups like conference centers or ballrooms. This rock wall is 13' tall with an 8'x8' footprint. Up to six climbers. Great fun at corporate events.

Sport Rock
Rappel Tower

We have a pair of these beautiful Sport Rock walls. Singly or together, they offer the closest thing to real rock climbing. As with all our mobile walls, Sport Rocks have difficult rock climbing routes for the hard-core rock climbers in addition to routes for the more casual climber.

The Quantum Leap portable rapelling tower is a unique attraction. This vertical trampoline allows one to experience the most thrilling parts of rappelling - rapid descent with bounces off the wall! Hit the targets and get an extra long ride!